Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just 165 minutes of your time

That's what I logged from last Wednesday to this Tuesday in activity minutes. I missed my daily lunch walk on Monday, skipped 10 minute morning activity (crunches, glutes, push-ups) Sun-Tues (but did them again this morning). I managed 150 by yesterday noon then took hubby and the LO out for a walk - didn't track time, but we walked down the road, jogged up a dirt road, and cut through a sod field back to home - I'm guessing 15 mins, but I have no idea. The field was torne up, but a truck had left a nice path through that the jogger fit in nicely. Then we hit the 100% clover. There were even a few sunflowers out there! We saw a deer that was just not fearful enough - I hope she makes it through the fall.
The dog enjoyed the walk, too - I'm thinking about getting her a come-along because we just don't enjoy taking her and I'd really like to enjoy taking her.

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