Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Smells Good - What is that?

Sunday night I had a hankering for some rice with honey garlic sauce. As I started, I first decided to put on a large amount of brown rice. I had been told about someone freezing this in individual serving bags in their freezer since it takes so long to cook. This was my initial thought - freeze for future use.

As the rice cooked, I decided that it would be nice to have some chicken balls to go with it. I bought these and no one is eating them. I began to defrost some for myself and whoever else wanted a couple (hubby maybe, the kids were into mac & cheese). Then I thought, why not add some frozen ones to the rice. OK, so a short jump later and I decided to make my own frozen dinners for lunch in those Ziploc boxes. I made 3 of them and froze 1cup of rice separately in a baggie. My frozen lunches are 6pts each, but it could be cut by using less meatballs. I could add cooked chicken breasts for less pts, too - maybe because then I'd need more sauce.

What you'll need:
Freezable 2C containers
Cooked rice (I think mine was a no name)
Frozen meatballs (I used reduced fat PC Blue Menu Italian chicken meatballs)
Frozen veggies (again no name mixed veggies, removing the brocolli as it takes too long in the microwave)
Sauce (I used Diana's Gourmet Honey Garlic, pictured above - this is succulent)

OK, I had all of the goods. I calculated out my points and decided that I would only need in each container:
half a cup of rice (2pts)
6 chicken balls (3pts) - mmm, so worth it
2Tbsp sauce (1pt)
top up the container with veggies
Me no chef. Me like food much, though. This yum yum. Make tum tum happy.


Randi said...

That's funny, I made frozen dinners last night too! I used brown rice and tuna and peas and just soya sauce. Not bad. I like yours though. and I love the blue menu items! Something I can actually buy! (not trader joe's something something)

Randi said...

I got groceries yesterday and I had to laugh, the girl ahead of me was sort of looking at my funny and I was like "what" then I looked, and every single thing that was on the belt was blue! Most was blue menu but even the other things just so happened to be blue packaging! funny. Well what can you say when everything's so cheap?

BB said...

Sounds yum yum and I haven't had dinner yet! Darn!

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