Monday, August 27, 2007

Water Weekend and Weight Ramble

This was a water weekend in more ways than 1. This was the last weekend for our little outdoor pool before closing for season. Saturday was Family Fun Day with BBQ and games. The kids had a great time. I had my water bottle and did drink plenty, but being in the heat did a number on me. I weighed yesterday morning and the scale was around 175! I couldn't believe it - that is up around 8lbs! We were back again yesterday afternoon and I didn't have my bottle or any cash to buy a water which sucked, but what do you do? I drank quite a bit late yesterday evening trying to offset any water weight I had. Also, I made yesterday a very high points day (22+9) and will stick to dail points only today to unofficially test this high/low theory - I really don't have the planning down to do the points as outlined. Regardless, the scale was back where it needs to be by this morning, a little below the 168 mark. I wonder what one does if something like this 8lb water happens on weigh-in day once you're lifetime.

I was chatting with a friend Sat night and mentioned that I had joined Weight Watchers. Her comment was, "You too!". We got chatting about a number of things - she's going to send me a link for a multi-stage 12 min/day government tested exercise routine. It's a PDF file. Also, we talked about migrating to Core. She thinks that's where she and her husband need to be. We're around the same height and were always at the lower end of our healthy ranges growing up. Range=128-160, I was 135 as a teen and 140-145 in my 20's. I've read on others blogs about self body image (Roni has talked about this a few times, too) and how it's a shock sometimes to see a thinner version of ones self when you're used to seeing an overweight individual. For me it's different. It's like I've been looking in the mirror at someone else for 8 years and want to see myself again. Peggy concurred that she feels the same way. Moving to Core and only tracking non-core foods also makes sense for both of us. Bread to me is about having something to hold my sandwich together, so Weight Watchers whole wheat at 1pt for 2 slices or WW tortillas at 1pt each suites me fine. I have developed a taste over the past month for whole wheat pasta and brown rice - even the family hasn't complained. I also feel fuller longer with these options. The one thing I would need to track is my wine and beer and the odd baked indulgence. No biggie as I don't over-indulge anyway - well, maybe with baked goods.

Peggy got to meeting a while ago and realized she was well into her healthy range (153) and so decided that would be her goal so she wouldn't have to pay anymore. Yet, she advised me not to 'settle' for that - funny, I thought. Point is, she knows me. So do I which is why I decided on 148. Why 148 - because if I ever get into the 150's again, I deserve to have to pay. Also, from memory, I believe the 150's is where I transition between the 12 and 14 sizes. When I reached a 14 I convinced myself that it was the 'new' 12 (well, that's what MSN said one day, so I bought into it). Time to take my head out of the ground. A 14 is a 14 (and I am really happy to be a 14 right now, don't get me wrong), but a 12 is a 12. I still have size 10's I saved which were bought AFTER Cienna was borne (the 9yo). What is the point of all this? It's not about how we sometimes set minimum standards for ourselves. I can understand why - Roni did it and it worked out well for her. DC&Z is now fee free and has the determination to continue losing 20 lbs and I know she'll do it. It's about chosing what's right for the individual. Peggy's group was shocked when she told them that she was going to continue to lose another 10 lbs - why would she want to do that, it would be too thin! My leader suggested that I'd do well at 160 and was surprised when I told her that I'd do better at 148 - I haven't mentioned the 140 to her yet. It's the mentality for us. It's that I need accountability to get back to who I need to be. The 140's are my home and I can maintain that well into life.

Have a great week everyone.


Steph said...

So your post makes me feel so much better - I swear that I can gain 5 lbs of water weight in a I know that I'm not nuts! I too have been thinking of switching to Core - I eat that way for the most part anyway but I struggle with the eating until satisfied thing....makes me nuts!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence... I think I can do it too, although I totally have to admit that it would be really easy for me to just let myself slide right in and get comfortable where I'm at... I know it's a silly thing, but I'm looking forward to getting my second 25lb charm from WW... I plan to keep going until I get it.

By the way, I just posted some info from my lifetime card if you're curious... I think if you know you're going to weigh high, you just don't weigh in that day since lifetime members only have to weigh in ONE time every calendar month.

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