Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Challenge Updates

I've been tired the past few days and have blogged not much other than updating my menu post for this week. I figured this was 'cleaner' than a new post each day.

I've finally visited all of the blogs from the Christmas Challenge that I could access. Some pretty cool girls out there. Most seem to be doing really good and Corinne and Randy are doing top-notch trying to keep it pulled together here in blogland. I unoficially changed my challenge goal to 153, but this is just for me. I realized that reaching my WW goal of 148 was not going to happen in the specified time period

I had also signed up for a New Year's Best Challenge housed at Sparks. After the first few weeks the leaders made the forum private so ya'll can't see it. Actually, they just wanted to keep the group intimate and didn't want people joining part ways through. We have little weekly challenges which, I must admit, I haven't been into much. I try to visit there a couple times a week, but aren't on Sparks as much as I used to be. There's still a lot of support in the little group and I like the forum environment and the ability to post specific threads.

I also changed my WW goal. I chatted with my leader and decided to go for 150. You may recall that the original one that I had was for 145. Anyway, I guess that's why you have time to think about it. I told her that I may just walk in one day and decide that I'm at goal and she said that was fine, too since I'm now in the healthy range, according to them. Oooh, I'll leave you guessing.

In unrealated news, we have decided to spend Christmas with my mil. Apparently we are going to have my niece, too, but sil is working that day (VON nurse). Hubby was talking about fixing beds, etc at mil's - not sure what was up with that, but forget it. I told him we'd bring up the air mattresses and all of the girls could sleep in the front room, including the niece (she's 18, quite overweight, and won't likely appreciate it, but oh well). Mil's house is a bit messed up. She has the old LR 'upstairs'. She had an addition built on that includes her bedroom and a huge sunroom, which is really the new LR (there's only 3 steps). You can't see one from the other, so Santa can do his thing in private, ya know. Mil is really excited we're going there and so are my girls. I'd say by this time next year, mil won't be 'with' us - as in mentally. She appears to have alzheimer's and it's progressing rather quickly, so we're trying to make this a memorable event for our daughters and, to some extent, Nanny. If it's a bad winter, we'll also find it more difficult to visit regularly, so we're trying to get in as many visits as possible now.



Cory said...

I do love that you can change your weight watchers goal. I haven't even set one myself!
I think it's great that you are going to spend Christmas with your MIL. She will like that, and it will be a nice memory for y'all if her mind does get that bad.

Steph said...

Glad that you are finding peace with your ww goal. You have worked so hard and have done so great!

Sounds like your Christmas holiday will be a busy one but you are a MIL's dream for being there and wanting it to be special for her and your girls. Alzheimers is a terrible disease - I'm sending hugs from Texas to you and your family!!

BTW - Santa "doing his thing in private" sounds kind of funny....made me giggle a little!

BB said...

I'm impressed with all your goals and how well you're doing!

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