Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday - chuggin' along

First, IT'S SNOWING!!! We're supposed to get rain overnight, but the kids were both out enjoying our first snow of the season.

OK, I'm writing things down so I'll do better and, boy, so far it's not helping a lot. I keep revising and it's not always good.

Anyway, I'm done for today and it's Saturday, so...

B-fast: half banana, 3/4 dino-eggs porridge pack (Thanks, J)
Lunch: Chinese - Rice with soya sauce, stir fry with shrimp, veggies and oyster sauce, some kung pao chicken stuff, 4 eggrolls (my bad)
Snack: 1 mini-chocolate, 1 mini bag of dorittos, 2 regular beer
Supper: 1/8 Naan bread pepperoni pizza, 1C LF Soy drink

I still have to calculate points on this stuff.

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Tina said...

SNOWING!! That's just not right. I'm a New England girl living in Maryland so I don't get much of a winter many times. I'm so jealous!! :)) I cracked up at the "4 eggrolls (my bad)".. that's so the story of my life. Thanks for the comment on my page and for being a regular. Great job on your goals BTW!!

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