Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yoga Hell

So I decided to give this yoga video a try. It said Beginner on it. My azz.
So I got started with push-up pose, upward dog, downward dog. It was definately quicker than I was used to, and I could really feel it in my weak arms during downward dog. So then he starts with the funky moves - bend knees, hands placed on ground behind your legs, rest arms on kness, lift one foot then the other off the ground (what the heck!!!).
This is a similar pose, only he crossed his feet in front of him doing this at one point. They say it requires more core strength than arm. Yeah.
Also, what is this?
I'll tell you what it is. This nasty backwards plank is insane. I skipped most of the insane poses and downgraded my workout to low impact vs. medium. I also researched the video box more closely and realized that this is the second in a series. I was very relieved when we did this:
which generally signals you're near the end of the session. It also signals the end of my post. Have a great day.


marie said...

hahahhahah - I love the end!

I have NEVER done the first in my yoga classes. That is nuts!

Cory said...

I remember trying that first pose in my beginner yoga class. The teacher showed us an advanced pose each class because some people requested it. I couldn't do it, although I came close to getting up once only to fall again!
I certianly don't blame you for avoiding the harder poses.

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