Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Food and activity

Today is Friday and the plan is:

Breakfast: 1C LF yogurt, some strawberries and pineapple, 1C Bran Flakes, coffee with whole milk (6)

Snack: Apple and maybe some baby carrots, coffee with whole milk (3)
Lunch: 3oz salmon, 1/2C Rice, veggies and Paul Newman Thai salad dressing (6)
Afternoon snack: baby carrots and 1/4C sunflower seeds (3 for seeds)
Supper: Shrimp, rice and veggies with oyster sauce, 1C LF soy drink (9)
Evening snack: 3?

Replaced with:

Snack: Someone bought me a coffee and Tim's fruit explosion muffin (yikes_8)

Lunch: The boss bought lunch, and I got a spinach salad (6?), then had a few sandwich quarters (7?), some fresh fruit (1) and an OJ (2).

Supper: I was still full and only had a parfait (2) - bad, I know.

Activity: 20 minute walk at lunch (Revised - no walk)
Total = 24-1 = 23 (Revised 32)
Daily pts = 22
Weekly pts left = 32 -10 = 21 (Yikes)


CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you have it all planned out! Fridays are super hard for me because I always feel that at the end of a long week, I deserve to treat myself!

swizzlepop said...

I love that you can totally plan out your day. I always seem to jinx myself when I try that.
Hope you havea great day!

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