Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vanity and Chocolate

Vanity sizing to be more specific. How does it feel to be wearing a size 10? Hmmm, good, but…Clothes sizing means very little anymore. Last night I tried on a size 12 slacks and they fit. I’m still wearing some 14s. And get this – I’m also wearing size 10. It’s the 10s I take issue with – sort of. They are actually my favourite pants. Maybe because they are ‘new’ styles and look cool. But a 10? I have a pair of 11 jeans at home that I used to wear when Ci was a baby. These were snug, and yes, I can button them. But, can you say major re-distribution of wealth. I swear my muffin sticks out a full 3-4inches and I feel like something is going to rupture (this is NOT an exaggeration). What I do know is that these 11’s are from 8-9 years ago – back when an 11 was an 11, not something else. So, I know I cannot possibly be a size 10 now.

So, like I said, I tried on some size 12 slacks and 2 size 10 skirts. I didn’t buy the slacks – the purpose of trying them on was to confirm that I am a comfortable size 12 because slacks tend to still have proper sizing. One of the skirts I couldn’t get done up, but at least it came up to the point I could try (Yay). The other fit like a glove. I’m also wearing other size 10 hand-me-on pants thanks to Heidi.

I guess what all of this really means is that maybe I should get rid of all of those size 14s. And, sizing really doesn’t mean as much as it once did. But we keep on trecking, which brings me to Chocolate…

How did you do this week? I ate a small fraction of what I ate last year, but did give in to maybe a dozen or so chocolates (give or, well, not give a dozen), a few suckers and hard candies, and a couple of bags of chippies. The chips were when I was at mil’s on the weekend and they were the store brand plain kind. I haven’t had chips in a while and it was nice to indulge with small quantity. So, way more crap than should be consumed by a weight watcher in 1 week, but way, way less than I would have consumed otherwise. I really deserve a gain this week and I really need to get back on track with journaling. This weeks journal remains empty – sad, huh. So, if the 150’s were short-lived I have no one to blame but myself. On the plus side, even the 9yo admitted to feeling sluggish a couple of days ago and has scaled back her consumption all on her own – I’m proud of her. I’m thinking it’s time to confiscate all candy, review the contents and store chips in the basement (hubby said he’d start taking some to work), candy in a high cupboard to be dolled out an item or two per night until the Christmas advent calendar hits the house and we toss the left-overs. I’m seriously thinking about the Polly Pocket advent calendar this year for the LO (a piece of clothing per day), but not sure what to do for my big girl just yet.


Steph said...

Remember that size 11's are typically a juniors size which means that hey are cut smaller through the butt and hips.......they actually equate to a women's 10 in most cases. I know that I wear a 6 most of the time and 7's fit but 5's are pushing it! Just my take on the whole clothing/sizing thing.

Good for you for not binging on candy.......I ate a couple of pieces but after finding my cheap chocolate I was able to stay in control for the most part!

So how is the Christmas Challenge going???

Cory said...

I really hate the sizing differences as well. It makes it really hard to order from catalogs because you don't know what size to get!
Good job on the halloween candy!

jodi said...

a size is just a number - my closet is full of clothes ranging from size 12s to size 8s AND i've lost 25 pounds... go figure... better brands = smaller sizes, at least in my experience but i buy what fits... as soon as i know that something is too big OR too much work to have taken-in, i get rid of it... closet cleansing is so much fun! :o)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Cute idea for your advent calendar... I've never even thought of anything other than candy!... And yeah, don't get me started with the Halloween candy. I am SO glad that it's over... I'm realizing this is my last real shot to lose (these 3 weeks) before Christmas sets in!

And sizes? I was just thinking about this same thing... I am in a size 28 at VANITY... Wow- They really run BIG!

marie said...

My closet is full of 8s to 4s. It's CRAZY I tell you and sometimes depressing to go shopping as I never know what is going to fit the next time.

Consistent sizing WOULD be nice.

As would chocolate...every day :)

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