Friday, November 30, 2007

Dance/Yoga disappointment and re-scheduling

First, I was going to do ST on Friday and Sunday mornings, but I think I'm gonna re-schedule. This really all has to do with my Thursday night class.

Now, I've heard that adults tend to stay up late, but that only happens in my house if the kids can't (or won't) sleep. But, the class I take is 7:45-9:15, so I don't get home until after 9:30 on Thursdays. For some reason, hubby has a difficult time getting the 4yo to bed and, last night, she was bright-eyed and dirty-kneed waiting for Mommy to brush her teeth and make her bed (why this couldn't have been done earlier in the evening I don't know - all I know is that I'd stripped it in the morning after an 'accident'). Anyway, by the time I put my head down, it was well past my bedtime, so getting up extra early this morning was difficult. I did manage to drag my butt down-stairs with JUST enough time to get everything in except that, looking outside I realized that I left the car lights on all night and hubby's car had the dome light on. CRAP! That's all. Anyway, so much for exercising.

Besides, I don't feel great about last night. A medium-intensity cardio workout is what I look for, and I can live with low-intensity for 90 minutes. But, I ended up working late and ran out of here just in time to be 15 minutes late. Got some cardio going with our dance routine before heading up to yoga. Yoga flow tonight, she says. No, the group says. We worked too hard tonight, they say. Now, I may have missed the warm-up, and it must have kicked butt. Anyway, we ended up doing mellow stretching and I left feeling as though I'd almost be cheating to take 1AP from that. Well, that's all I gave myself.

So, tonight and Sunday night I think I might to weights (this way I can get both sessions in without worrying about the work-week). Also, tomorrow is a big day - the Christmas parade. It's supposed to be nice out.

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