Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday ramble

I’m very happy it’s Friday. I’m wearing my Friday jeans. Funny, I’m almost at the day-of-the-week outfits as my wardrobe shrinks. I have my cords that I wear every Wednesday for weigh-in, and my jeans that I wear every Friday (I usually wear them on Saturday, too, but shhh – don’t tell). Now I have a jean skirt I’m going to wear on Thursdays. I’ve always wanted a jean skirt and never owned one until I ran into this one at Frenchy’s on Tues night (2nd hand). That just leaves Mondays and Tuesdays. I’ll stick to black slacks on Tuesdays now that those 10s fit me (see, even though the scale has moved marginally, a lot of other stuff is happening). For Mondays I’m going to stick with my 14 brown slacks until I find a suitable replacement.

I bought a new digital camera (yeah). A Sokkia L-series slim and I love it, but really need to read the book. It takes mini-movies, too. I forgot to pick up a memory card for it, so have used up all of the memory on 2 pics and a movie of the kids that I don’t want to erase, but can’t figure out how to get onto my ‘puter. So, I have a 2GB card waiting for me at the store and will try to figure out how to get some pics up this week.

It looks like we’re going to re-count inventory at one of our sites. Tell me, why do you think someone bothers to take the time to do up inventory count procedures? So people can ignore the procedures and do the count willy-nilly? Guess what? I get to do a re-count of a problem area next week with the sales guys who bailed on them the last time around. We did our counts over 2 days (half the stores on day 1, other half on day 2), so I’ve already been to 2 counts that I was in charge of. This problem area turned into a 2-day debacle, and the person in charge still hasn’t figured it all out. Frig it – now, the CEO and VP are behind this and will be sure the sales guys show up next Saturday to do this with me – yeah! Did I ever mention that this is year-end – It’s Heeerrrre!

Swizz said she jinxes herself if she tries to plan her day. Guess I do, too. But at least a plan is somewhere to start. We ended up ordering our lunch today, so I got a spinach salad and had a 3 more of those sandwich quarters and some fresh fruit. I also was given (and ate) a muffin this morning. I did skip my second coffee and will end up having something light tonight to compensate, and because I'm kinda still fullish at 4pm.

Cheers all - have a great weekend.


Steph said...

Woohoo - work that jean skirt girl!! You have done so great and you should be so proud of yourself! It won't be long and you'll be at goal and out shopping for a new wardrobe!

Swizzlepop said...

Yay for the new skirt but I think we need to mix up the wardrobe a bit, kinda like the food. Buy at least 1 or 2 more things that are reasonable and fit now so that it helps you feel and look good. The only reason I say this is because looking back I remember how bad I felt that I only had about a weeks worth of clothes in 8s that I could wear and I hated it.
Keep up the great work and go shopping, you deserve it!

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