Thursday, November 8, 2007

Meetings and Menus

Weigh-In last night was as expected. I am up 0.8lbs to 160 again. Since 160 was my official mini-goal, I didn't back-track on that - Phew! I stayed for meeting and feel rejuvenated and know that I need to start taking this seriously again. I also was told to take 160 as my goal (again) so I wouldn't have to pay. Apparently we have to pay through maintenance, so I am thinking that I'll make goal before Christmas, if you know what I mean, but will continue to lose. I've also gotta start taking this Christmas Challenge a little more seriously. I don't expect to reach 148 by the end of it, but I'd like to come damn close. Maybe a little personal challenge to get to 153. That's 7lbs in 7 weeks and totally do-able. That would make me happy.

So, my goals for this week are simple:

  • exercise for at least 150 minutes and post on blog
  • track all food in journal and post on blog
Boy, aren't you lucky to get to read my daily work-outs and food consumption for a whole week!

Today is Thursday and the plan is:
Breakfast: 1C LF yogurt, some berries, 3Tbsp granola, coffee with whole milk (5 revised to 6)
Snack: Apple and maybe some baby carrots, coffee with whole milk (3)
Lunch: 4oz salmon, 1/2C Rice, veggies and Paul Newman Thai salad dressing (6 revised to 7)
Afternoon snack: baby carrots and

1/4C sunflower seeds (3 for seeds)
Supper: 4oz Chicken, sweet potatoe and veggies with sauce, 1C LF soy drink (8)

This was replaced with:
Veggies and fruit and little bit of dips from a luncheon platter (fruit mainly melons, strawberries and pineapple) I'm thinking 1 for the fruit and 1 for the dips.
5 sandwich quarters from a sandwich platter (I'm thinking around 7)
1 smallish boughten square (maybe 3)

Activity: 90 minutes dance/yoga class (3-4 as some at moderate and some at low)
Total = 25-3 = 22 revised 28-3 = 25
Daily pts = 22
Weekly pts left = 35 revised = 32


jodi said...

.8 pounds is nothing! you can totally do 7 in 7 so good luck on reaching your next goal! :o)

Cory said...

You can totally do that! YOu're doing good, and have some great goals in place for the next week. Good luck!

CaRoLyN said...

At least it was a little itty bitty gain! Sounds like you got a good plan!

swizzlepop said...

Suxks that they make us pay during maintenance! There should be a special maintenance plan. But YAY for being there. And join the club. We can be on maintenance and stil loosing together:)!

Post those food and exercise logs! Like you said, back to basics. Can't go agains what we know works right? We CAN do this!

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