Thursday, November 22, 2007

Food Suggestions = Food Cravings

I never fancied myself prone to this phenomena, but I guess I am. Let's leave out the bad stuff this can lead to - and I'll tell a story about 2 such incidents involving healthy cravings.

First, a couple of weeks ago a story was told to me about (here's the Reader's Digest version) a woman who was a horse therapist. She was called to a farm because the horse was upset about something. The horse didn't want her there so she left, but was able to tell the owner this, "He's upset because your neighbour understands him but won't listen.". The neighbour was encouraged to come out to the field and stare at the horse for a while. Finally, she threw up her hands and said, "Pineapples, all I'm getting is that he wants pineapples.". So, the horse was fed pineapples and felt much better. Now, the kicker is that the horse had arthritis and, apparently, pineapples have a natural lubricant for the joints that help with this - pretty smart horse, huh.

So, the point Candace? I ended up craving pineapples. I ate pineapples frozen and pineapples fresh for days.

Next, one of my fav breakies is a waffle or 2 with whip cream and berries. I don't have it very often because of the points and the fact that I am still hungry after a couple of hours. Then the 'mouse' started posting pictures of her meals on her blog. Her breaky was a waffle, cottage cheese and fruit. Hmmm, I'm not a big fan of cottage cheese, yet found myself thinking about this breakfast daily. So, for the past few days I have toasted my waffle, measured 1/2C of regular cottage cheese and mic'd a coffee cup full of field berries to dump on top. I was going to do something different this morning, but didn't. Mainly because I know I won't want anything else to eat until lunch. That's a great benefit for only 5 points, plus the 1 I'm drinking now via whole milk in my coffee.

So, if you want those not-so-subliminal food suggestions to help in your food choices, focus on those posts or stories that talk about crazy pineapple craving horses or go to Marie's blog at - I've also been thinking about her beef cacciatore. And - good luck negotiating the grocery these days. I went in the other night and everywhere I looked were less than optimal food choice advertisements.


marie said...

Confession time - my first 2 months on WW, my breakfast consisted of chocolate chip eggos and cool whip.


Times change, eh :)

there's more slow cooker action this weekend - watch out!

CaRoLyN said...

I haven't had waffles since I started WW. What kind do you buy? Maybe I should check them out on my way home. I've also seen the pics on Mouse's blog and they look so yummy!
I'm a creature of habit so my breakfast every morning usually consists of a big bowl of All Bran. Mmmm. But I think it's almost time for a change. Thanks for the ideas!

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