Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Update

On the food-front I was pretty good this weekend. I ate the grocery store sushi on Friday night and still had a hankering for it on Saturday, so I took the 9yo to Sunnyside Mall in Bedford where I knew I could score some good stuff outside Pete's Fruitique. Ummmm.

Exercise-wise, I did ST with 5lb weights on Sunday morning and then took the dog out for a walk. I had scheduled some cardio on Saturday, but it didn't happen. That means I have to do 2 1/2hr cardio sessions between now and Wednesday. I'm going to stick with walking for now.

We tried to start the big cleaning session, but things just went so-so. Most of the play-room got picked up and I drug out the outside lights from storage to be put up soon. I'm thinking that we should just get a little dumpster for the week, lol, and do some major clear-out. Most of what we have could stand to be donated and dh is dropping some stuff off today.

So, as mentioned, the 9yo and I headed to the city-limits on Saturday. I actually wanted to take her to Frenchy's in Sackville for some much-needed size 10s (her, not me). We were late getting there, but she picked out a winter jacket since I refuse to buy her one this close to Christmas when hers from last year still fits, tattered though it may be. She also scored a pair of jeans, sweat pants, 2 tops and a chenille sweater. That kid can rummage! I, on the other hand, picked out a pair of sweats for dance class and a pair of slacks that are a bit tight just yet (they're 13/14 - see, sizing is crap since most of my clothes are now 10s). I like them though, and told hubby they'd fit by Christmas or New Year's at the latest. He thinks I'm pushing this too much, but I told him that I've been averaging 4-5lbs/month and now I'm strength training, so not to worry about it. They're like new and he could iron and wrap them for me if he wants - or not. Maybe he'll pick out a nice top to go with them. And nylons - he's very much a leg-man and buys me nylons every year - good ones like I never buy for myself. Hmmm, maybe he'll buy me a new purse this year, too. I'd like a new purse.

Oh yeah, so Ci ended up taking a chill at dinner and we didn't get much further since she came down with 'it'. The same 'it' the 4yo dealt with last week. So, she went off to spend the day at the sitter's disappointed since she had on her new clothes and jacket and it was gym day. I feel badly for her, but down-time was definately needed.

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