Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday weigh-in and Daily doings

First, I'm down 1.2 to 158.8. I'm guessing I have over-estimated on some of my points and am quite pleased. I think I'll stick around the 150's for a while 'cause I'm not liking the 160's as much anymore.

Breakfast: 1/2C LF soy drink, banana, coffee with whole milk (4)
Snacks: Tim's coffee with dbl cream and sweetner, apple (3)
Lunch: 6oz chicken breast, brocolli and potatoe with salad dressing (9)
Supper: some pasta with alfredo and veggies, waffle with whip cream and pineapples (8)
Activity: Morning walk 30 mins (1ap), POWER Yoga (now it makes sense) 25 mins (1ap)

Daily pts: 22
Weekly pts: Doesn't matter 'cause "Tomorrow is a new day" - Chicken Little

K, What have I learned? Write stuff down and you will learn things - like Pringles aren't terrible and whole wheat bread with sliced meat and mustard may not be so bad. Also, I am becomming more aware that I really need to not only keep food under control, but also to get back on the exercise wagon. I feel great knowing that I did 7 APs this week.


BB said...

Great job! But Pringles are good :(

jodi said...

that's a great loss! and welcome to the 150s - i was sick of the 160s like you so let's enjoy it! :o)

Cory said...

Good job this week. That's a great loss. Keep up the good work.

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