Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday and Weigh-In

Well, I've the WW scales showed a loss. I am down 0.8lb this week to 158.2. When was the last time this number reared it's head - 2 weeks ago I was 158.8, but this 158 just seem more real. My last trip through the 150's I avoided the scale at all costs. In the fall of 2002 when I became preggers with J, I was approximately 170 and had been for a while. I was conscious of being in the 140's when we bought the house in 2000 when Ci was 2. Anyway, let's just say the first 2 years of home ownership were not kind to my behind.

Anyhoo, I feel good about this week. I began a new exercise schedule involving a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio 3x/week and 2 sessions of strength training. My first ST session I just used body resistance and a couple cans of soup. Then I went to Play It Again Sports and picked up a couple sets of dumbells. Funny - I bought 2 each of 5 and 8 lb weights. Know what that totals? 26 lbs. I thought it was funny since I'd lost 27 lbs and was kind of 'replacing' that lost weight.

So the gains and losses are getting smaller, so I'm hopeful that this new routine will shake things up, but I don't expect steller weight loss results for a couple of weeks as I get used to weight training. I'll be posting my measurements as soon as I remember to take them.

So, to review this weeks to-do list:
Join PhitnPhat - Done.
Exercise 5 of 7 days for min 30 mins each, 3 cardio, 2 Strength Training days: Thurs (dance/yoga 90 mins), Fri (ST with No weight and 10 oz wts), Sat (off), Sun (ST with 5lb weights, walk dog), Mon (longish quick walk with dog), Tues (off), Wed (Twister Dance DVD) - 5/5 complete
Food: focus on core (whole) foods. Limit WPs to 25 and eat APs on the day you earn them (fell short on Thurs pts, but stuck pretty close to daily pts for remainder of week)
Journal: write before you bite - calculate pts before eating. For late nights at office, be sure to bring second dinner. - I journalled until supper Monday - I had only used 9 weekly at that point and had stuck pretty close to daily pts from then on. Tuesday I worked late and didn't have supper - bad, bad - ended up eating an large apple with almond butter, a bit of micro popcorn and a granola bar. Likely went over pts on Tuesday with less than stellar nutritional value.


noelle said...

Love that when you can get a visual image of exactly how much weight you have lost.

And i know what you mean about just ignoring that scale. That is soooo my life!

CaRoLyN said...

I agree with Noelle, when I had lost 50 lbs my hubby took me to the grocery store and told me to pick up a 50 lbs bag of potatoes! It was ridiculous! Congrats to you! That is an amazing loss!

I love it how your such a planner like I am! Your plan soudns great and I'm gonna join you on the exercise front!

jodi said...

congrats on your loss! :o)

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