Thursday, July 26, 2007

17 Again!

Last night at meeting we were talking about body image. None of us at meeting wanted to be like the Paris Hilton's and Nicole Richie's of the world - too thin, too unhealthy. One lady told about a conversation she had with a friend. Now, this lady has lost almost 50 lbs - she's done amazing - but has a ways to go. Anyway, she was telling her friend that she thought the cellulite was moving up her leg (none on the bottom of her legs anymore) and was wondering about when it would disappear from the top of her legs. The friend said, "You'll never be 16 again." Plain and simple, I will never be 17 again.

Yes, I have pictures of me when I was 17 that I pull out and say, "If I could just get to 135 again.". At 135 lbs I was thin - hell, I was hot. I will never be 17 again. I also have a picture of me at 27. I was thin (140 lbs) and I was healthy (and Mark thought I was hot). I will never be 27 again. I have a picture of me at 37 (ugh). Can't wait to say goodbye to the almost 190 lb frame I've been carrying around - I think Mark is the ONLY one who said I was hot, but I just wasn't feeling it. This frame is diminishing weekly, thanks to Weight Watchers and the support of my fellow bloggers. I have until December left to live with myself at 37 and then I will never be 37 again.

I think, though, that by the end of this age I can take a picture that I will be happy with, because this is my year of making a change and embracing the future and taking time for me. I think that I can be beautiful to myself at any age and I will embrace that I am healthy. I will strive to be a healthy 47 year old, 57 year old, and 67 year old - you get the picture. Health and loving yourself, that is the true source of beauty. And this outlook is a good thing - because I will never be 17 again.


Jo said...

That couldn't have been worded more succinctly or lovelier. A great concept for us all to embrace. Thank you.

Colette said...

Well Said Candace!!! Being beautiful is a state of mind, looking healthy is physical. Neither have anything to do with the other!

Unknown said...

aww that was so well said!really got me thinking..thx candace!

Unknown said...

Awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

Sarah in AZ said...

You hit the nail on the head. But deep down, don't each of us kinda feel that the young hot girl is still in there somewhere? I think I'm in a bit of fatty denial until I get my picture taken and really see how things have turned for the worst. I agree though, wanting to be the same weight we were at 17 is so distorted. Our bodies weren't even done growing yet.

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