Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exercise, Food portions and Procrastination

After 7 weeks of being on Weight Watchers I think I have finally excepted the lessons learned in week 3. I have tried to incorporate activity into my daily routine, but DAMN, it's hard. Yes, I really enjoy it (sometimes) once I get going and yes, I recognize the need for it. But when to exercise. I have a million guizzillion reasons why I can't do it NOW - like last night when I finally got home from weigh-in. The family was at the local swimming pool and I was all alone, but hell - a girl needs her supper. Then hell - I had to go on Roni's site RIGHT THIS INSTANT and use the calculator because I forgot mine at work. Then hell - I HAD to post my loss... You get the picture. Next thing I know I'm hauling my butt out of the computer chair and putting the chickens to bed.

SO, I need the same focus with my exercise that I seem to have mastered with my food. Well, not mastered - apprectice knowledge we'll call it, and it'll always be a work-in-progress - right? And there's still so much I don't know, but some of it I don't really care about, either. Thanks to Randi for pointing out the benefits of nuts. It got me thinking about the whole protein thing. They are worth more points, and they're not listed as a GHG, but maybe they should be. I also remembered our leader telling one of the other ladies that with 'that much' walking she should be eating at least 8pts in protein/day. I don't know 'how much' walking that was, but I don't think I've been getting to that except on occassion when I enjoy some salmon (6pts anyway). So today I opted for soy nuts again - just because they are what I have in the cupboard, and last night my 'veggie' was some peas vs. other options.

In the 'portion' department, it's funny that I used to be happy with 1/4C peas on my plate at night (such a good girl eating veggies!) and would take 1C soy nuts to work for snack. Amazing how we choose our portion sizes up before learning that we got it all backwards.

Somehow I think the exercise thing is going to be more elusive. Oh, there's plenty of information out there - none I really WANT to incorporate into my life, but rather feel the need to. A similar attitude I had for food not so long ago...

On the plus side, I did do stretches, crunches, leg-lifts and push-ups 2 mornings running. Man are my abs and arms weak. I'm counting both mornings as 15 minutes total; although I think it was a few more than that. I'm thinking I can get in over 50 minutes/week just doing that, so I'm only left with 100 for walking, etc. If I could only convince the 4yo that she wants to just sit in the jogger while we walk all would be so easy. I mean, let's face it - strolling along behind a 4yo on a tricycle can hardly be classified as exercise.

Cheers, Candace


dizzydazey said...

Yay! Congrats on your loss - you're really doing great!!

I totally understand what you're saying about exercise. I hate it, but I'm doing this Couch Potato to 5K thing anyways. Maybe I'll learn to love to run - they say you can get high from it. :)

Big Kudos to you for how far you've come!

Unknown said...

congrats on your big 3.2 loss! you're doing awesome :) I have a very love hate relationship w/ exercise too! I love it after but hate getting out the door to do it! but I think whats really helped me get over that is strength training..somehow it doesnt feel as bad as cardio and I get a lot of satisfaction out of saying that I can lift this much, my arms are strong blah blah...and then i just squeeze some cardio in to get it over w/! so try and make it fun!!

yayyy for how far you've come on the rock girl :)

Randi said...

I agree with journeys about the strength training. It doesn't seem that hard when you can do it in front of the tv! Plus it gets your heart rate up and burns tons of calories so it's probably better than just cardio. My exercising started by just doing it during my tv shows (1/2 on Monday (corner gas), 1 hour wednesday (lost), and 1 hour thursday (grey's anatomy)). It just expanded from there. Maybe something similar would work for you. come on, we're women, we were born to multi-task! Good luck!

BB said...

I'm the same way. When I get in a routine of exercising then I'm fine. Last night I planned on going to the gym, but no kids, I relaxed & fell asleep on the couch! I believe it's all a process. We can't suddenly change everything at once. You are doing so well and it will all fall into place eventually.

WeightBGone said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I agree with you getting into a routine of exercising is difficult but it definitely pays off in the end. The girls gave you some great advice and Randi is right about how exercising to your fav TV shows makes the time go by quickly. You CAN do this!! Have a great day. :)

Unknown said...

i don't know if i feel like i WANT to exercise but i do it because i know its good for me... and i know it will make my body happy (twisted, i know)... when you get in more of a pattern/habit, it WILL get easier... :o)

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