Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Last Black Bean Fudge

Sadly I finished off my last black bean fudge today. My huband wasn't crazy about these and the kids weren't trying to steal them (I mean, why do I buy LF Brownie mix and go through the trouble of actually adding water and putting them in the oven if they're just gonna eat the whole thing and leave the crumbs for me?). I have gotten used to my fudge and coffee over the past several days, though. They satisfied that 'I want something sweet and chocolatey' but didn't make me feel the 'I want to eat the whole batch' - taking 1/day in my lunch helps. It's because of all this that I know I will make them again. The recipe is thanks to Roni and can be found at - I used the food processor instead so I was able to mix the dry ingredients in without dirtying another dish (oh yeah, not only am I not a fan of cooking/baking, but I dislike clean-up as well).

All totalled, I give this a 3/5. The texture is odd, but the added benefit of the black beans as a great source of protein and fibre works for me. The taste is not quite fudgy and I needed to get used to it. This 4 item recipe is just my speed and was a snap to throw together. I forgot to metion - they're 1pt each. So, definately more good than bad - at least in my books.

Hope everyone has a great OP day.
Cheers, Candace

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Melody said...

Hmm... I don't know Candace. Black beans and fudge just don't seem like they should be in the same sentence, let alone the same recipe! The protein/fiber boost is a good benefit though. I might give it a try. If you like it, it must be worth trying. Thanks for sharing!

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