Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Weigh-In (Down 0.4)

Weighed tonight and down 0.4lbs. My scales have come down too, interestingly. I'm guessing that it was retention in the heat and humidity that caused the scale spike - I'll keep and eye on that in the coming weeks. It cooled off tonight and is supposed to rain. Hopefully that'll clear the air.

So, I'll get up tomorrow and resume some crunches, etc. I did reach 150 minutes of real exercise this week plus some housecleaning on the weekend, and I feel really good about that. I think I'll stick with my plan to consume 28 weekly points only and see how it pans out next week. If it's another small loss I'll haul it back a bit. It's after 9pm now and I've gotta get myself and the kids to bed. Will check in tomorrow.

Cheers, Candace


Melody said...

Isn't it weird how our weight fluctuates from day to day... I know that's why WW says only weigh once a week, but I can't help it, I weigh every a.m. I'm glad your down! (you know what I mean)

Unknown said...

.4 off is better than .4 on!! you go girl and let me know how that extra points thing works out...i'm doing it myself I think!

Swizzlepop said...

YAY for the loss. A loss is a loss! And the little bits do add up! Great job on the 150 minutes of exercise too, that is great!

BB said...

Great! I thought you would lose something. Sometimes I hate those darn scales though. Great job :)

dizzydazey said...

Yay! Congrats on the Loss!

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