Monday, July 23, 2007

OK, I'm Lame - Get Over It!

So here I was complaining about pigging out on baby carrots while members of my support team (every link is my daily inspiration) was stressing over much more serious matters, such as cravings, ice cream, cake, cake mix and diet coke (ew!) and so forth. How lame am I?
I think the problem was really the Shrimp Marinara (lunch before the carrots). Must have gotten something bad as my tummy was just not right the rest of the day or this morning. I managed to eat 24 points yesterday, but the last couple were very difficult and upset me all over again. I really just consumed them to meet the GHG's. I'm finally feeling better and appologize for lamenting about carrots.
In all seriousness though, I have been giving thought to Core, but am nervous about it.

Challenge: I've been neglecting the exercise part of my Challenge commitment this week. I think I have about 15 minutes of lawn mowing in and may count 15 minutes of running up and down the stairs doing laundry, but I doubt I'll reach 150 minutes this week. Now is the time to get over myself though. Forgive myself for my poor behaviour, re-set my weekly goals to something that can be done by Wednesday (say, 75 minutes - Mon walk 30, Tues stretch 15, Tues walk 30) and put the past behind me.

Onward and upward: Met today with senior management and will need to do a bunch of analysis stuff (ugh). Maybe this is why I've been 'off' for a few days - I always stress about meetings with management. I know they're just people and we're all after the same goal, but man the pending meeting really messes with me. This analysis is going to be even more difficult because I am on vacation for 2 weeks starting Friday at 5pm, baby, and I'm not coming in for it!

Vacation: OK, enough work talk, something fun. Mark (aka hubby) has to work every other weekend, but is off my 1st and last weekend and will try to take the last Friday off with me (YEAH!). Even when he works he's home at 9:30am, so I shouldn't complain, but he's just so gosh-darn tired until after a nap, so he maysawill work 'till noon.
More exciting stuff: My little sister is coming home and will be going to the cottage on the Monday of my 2nd week off. Woohoo - I really miss her and her little angels. So, I think we'll pack the tent and head up for a few days, then back-track to my mil's cottage and meet up with Mark for the last weekend. The first week I just don't know...decisions, decisions...we might just hang out around home and spend afternoons and evenings at the pool. I'm really gonna have to plan the 4yo's birthday party soon (July 4 - been and gone) and vacation seems like a good time to fit it in.

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BB said...

You complain about whatever you want-that's why we're all here to help each other. Carrots do have a lot of sugar I know. Vacation sounds fun! I need one of those too!

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