Friday, July 20, 2007


Tonight hubby is taking the 9yo to see Nancy Drew before it leaves the big screen in our little neck of the woods. That means I will pick up the LO. And I am very excited about our plans - I am going to take her the McD's. Yup, the sign says they have the Southwest Chicken Deli, so I presume they also have the salad.
I don't tend to like McD's much, nor does the 9yo (except for breakfast - #6, I think). Weird, maybe, but they used to take them on school trips and she would always lament over what to get. See, she's allergic to dairy, so that means no cheese or ice cream. She doesn't like hamburgers or chicken nuggets. When she was in daycare I would bring her to the grocery and let her pick out something for supper she'd go for salmon fillet or thick juicy steak. For veggies she'd choose spinach or brocolli, and for snacks she'd choose dried prunes. Tell me how I managed to put on weight with that kind of selection in the house! And all that changed once she started school, except for the hamburger and nuggets.
Well, the LO LOVES McD's and all like product - gotta watch that one.
Anyhoo, looking forward to trying out this famous salad. It's piss-down raining here so hopefully that means the humidity will break. Gotta go and work on some vis-a-vis-a claims before they fire my azz.
Take care and have a great OP day!
Cheers, Candace

PS - I added the clock for Randi. See, I'm home having supper when you post. Not gonna respond - T'aint gonna happen. Hangin' with my babe on a Friday night.


dizzydazey said...

It's great that your oldest has a taste for healthy foods!

I loove the SW Chicken Salad - but I really love all things Micky D's, that's why I'm on WW! ;o)

Have a great weekend!

Randi said...

Well good luck with the salad. We've got the sandwich thing but no salad though...
And thanks for the clock. I will try and remember that before I b*tch you out next time! Have a good weekend!

WeightBGone said...

Have fun tonight. Everyone is raving about the SW Chicken Salad so I've GOT to try it soon. Hope your weekend is great. :)

Colette said...

You will love that salad!! I do!! Your LO sounds like my dd and for being 7 yo she is the same way...loves to eat healthy!!

Hope you have a great weekend girlfriend and stay OP!!!!

Melody said...

I think you'll like the salad. I'm not a salad person, but I even liked this one.

I like the clock!

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