Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Challenge Prep and Bathing suits

Challenge Prep:
I am getting so excited about the challenge. I don't think, other than consciously trying to hit 8 cups of water/day and exercising 150 mins/week, that it will be a stretch from what I'm currently doing. So, to prepare:
- I am going to buy a tape measure and take my measurements in the morning. This is something I haven't done, but know others did. I think that isolating this 12 weeks and documenting these things for this time period will be good for me.
- I am going to buy more water from the grocery store tonight. Our tap water at home is starting to taste yucky. Hubby says it always tastes off, but it never bothers me in the winter.
- I am going to dig out that yoga video that I bought over a year ago (and watched once).

For exercise I thought I would:
- Yoga 1/week
- Twister DVD dancing 2/week (for a child's game, this is impressively the most intense of my choices - and fun with the kids - the challenge is securing the TV for 20-30 mins)
- Walk/Jog 2/week
- Crunches or other abdominal exercise for 5-10 mins/morning (this I am not looking forward to, but the belly-butt needs this to get the best it can be without surgery - sorry Roni, but it just looks so painful - , so we'll see how this pans out)
- Other options: I have a set of in-line skates and may try them out, plus we go to the pool regularly, so if it's hot enough to get in and someone is watching the 4yo I can try some laps. I always feel foolish swimming in front of the teenage life guards as I never took lessons, just learned to keep afloat in the ocean. But I also don't look that great wearing a 3-piece bathing suit so no-one can see my body.

3-Piece Bathing Suit:
Actually, I also have a 1-piece suit, but the 3-piece is my preferred choice. These were purchased as separates last year from Wally-Mart on my quest for something that fit and covered all my required parts (which is totally different than pertinent parts). I don't really like the 'skirt' suits and find they hold a lot of water, so I looked for something that was suitable for a 30-something size 16 and came across a top that has a bikini top, but a flowy part that covers the tummy. I also picked out a nice pair of bathing shorts to go with it that have elastic at the waist and cover the top of my thighs (on a side, if you didn't shave the bikini area recently, they also cover that - love those shorts). Once I got home I realized that the shorts were not suitable for swimming and required a 'panty', so went back and purchased the traditional bathing suit bottom to wear under the shorts. These are relatively low on the outer thigh and high in the waist - NOT a bikini bottom. That doesn't matter, though as no one has ever seen them as the shorts always cover them.
A mini-goal is to actually get to a point where I can wear this suit without the shorts THIS summer. I don't expect anyone IMRL to notice, but if I ever get there, I'll let ya'll know. So VERY much to look forward to.

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dizzydazey said...

lol - I'm right there with you on the bathing suit front. I like the shorts, too. The suits this year look like they cover more on the hanger, but I tried on a one piece the other day at Goody's and that blame thing was so high cut/low cut that I might have well as been wearing a bikini. no one wants to see that! ;o)

Lucky for me I'm really really fair so I can get away with wearing the oversized man's shirt on the beach to "make sure I don't get burned!" :o)

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