Monday, July 30, 2007

Picnics and Good Times

Hi all, It has been a great weekend. I can hardly believe I am on vacation for 2 whole weeks. I took a week off late October last year between jobs, but I didn't keep the kids home with me - I had been through the ringer and needed some alone time. I took 3 whole days the year before, and the year before that was when I came off maternity leave. So I am really looking forward to this year.

Last night we went to friends for a barbecue and swimming. I brought my own potatoes which were juliened by yours truly with a new kitchen gadget, shaken in a ziploc bag with olive oil, salt, pepper, italian seasonings and some bran for breading. Also brought a tomatoe and green pepper and my own low point burger and some chicken breasts. Not sure how I'm doing overall on points. I'm trying to write things down, but suspect I'm missing the odd thing. Mark let the 9yo pick out her own meat at the grocery as she doesn't like hamburger. The monkey came home with a small piece of fresh tuna and a small steak. She did share with others, but I had to laugh. I had a frozen burger while she chowed down on surf and turf. Someone has Daddy wrapped around her finger.

We had a lot of fun and came home with movies for everyone. Since it rained today, it was nice to have some new selections. Even in the rain, we headed to the pool tonight. Only 4 other people in the pool. I took the girls because, as a youngster, swimming in the rain was so much fun for me. I did get in, some lame attempts at laps in the 1ft end so I could stay near the 4yo (yeah for butterfly stroke). The water is crazy warm.

We've decided to get away from the house on Wednesday and won't likely be back until the end of my vacation. We're visiting m-i-l, then heading to her cottage for a few days. On Sunday I'm going to my Mom's cottage and helping her clean as it's being rented this week. My sis is due at the cottage on Monday, so will spend until Thursday with her. Hubby's meeting us back at his Mom's cottage where we'll hang out for the last weekend.


dizzydazey said...

Yay for vacation! and Big Kudos to you for bringing your own healthy foods to the picnic!

You're doing great!! Keep up the good work!

PS: I love your Barbie!

Sarah in AZ said...

Have a great vacation, sounds like you were overdue big time!!

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