Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Blues

What a day. It did not start off great - Lots of running around to do that I did NOT have time for. Oh well.
So, my mother is buying a house. She sold hers last year and was renting, but is going to buy again and still try to swing a trip south this year. The kids are really enjoying her visit.
I journaled, and forgot a couple of things yesterday. This morning I thought, did I write down that 1/4 cup nuts and that chunk of chicken I grabbed. Nope. What a drag too, because I allowed myself a glass of wine and a cup of soy drink last night to get to the -4 points for my day. Anyhoo, the nuts and chicken were another 6 pts (10 weeklies yesterday), so maybe I can re-coupe some of those by not using any weekly points today.
Tomorrow is WI - ugh! I've been journaling and sticking to my plan of averaging 4 pts/day in weeklies, but the scales at home are being very naughty. I really have to move those to under the bed! I don't know if it is the humid weather - does that make you retain? Or maybe the exercising? Or maybe a combination? Or maybe the scale is broken? Shit, I wish I knew the reason the damn things are up 5-6lbs - and this has been creeping up all week, so it's not just my mis-calc yesterday. My journal is not helping in the least to pin-point a reason. This is bad timing in my first week of the challenge. Don't want to let the team down, but more importantly, I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Guess if I weigh in with a gain this week I'll have a sit-down with the leader to see if she has any ideas.
Guess I'll go get some water and try to flush out any retention that may be happening. I do think that humidity may be playing a role.


dizzydazey said...

Don't let this get you down! I'm sure it's just water weight!

Good Luck at WI!

Randi said...

I find it impossible to remember what I ate while I'm still picking it out of my teeth! I'm sure your meeting leader will have some good ideas. I think humidity could do something (I hope it does, that could explain things for me too!).

- I was wondering how you knew it was an R&D claim and thought maybe I accidentally gave away company secrets or something, then I saw you're an accountant! You were right! I think next year the plan is to hire somebody. I spent way too much time on it.

Melody said...

Hang in there. Talking to the WW leader is a good idea. Good luck!

BB said...

I read your blog and realized I haven't written in my journal all day! Yikes! I personally think your scale is broken! You sound like you're doing everything right. I have a feeling you'll lose tomorrow. Let us know

Colette said...

Hang in there...you just got to get your groove on!!LOL....

Talk to your leader and others. Find out what works for them and try different things, you might be pleasantly suprised.

Make sure your eating ALL your points too. {{HUGS}}

Unknown said...

The heat makes me retain water something awful - picture a bloated barbie - so not a pretty sight! Don't let it get you down - you know what you're doing and you are doing fantastic!!!

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