Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekends - Challenge or Opportunity

Well, that went well, I think. Having decided to take part in Kim's challenge, I was making a concerted effort to get in activity time. I had a 20 minute walk on Saturday morning with the dog followed by 10 minutes of glute and ab moves with the 4yo. She told me I should be doing them faster. Later in the day I walked to the local pool with the 9yo while she biked. I took Sunday off, except for the house cleaning. Points wise, things went OK. I've been focusing on getting at least 8 pts in protein/day and this is still a work-in-progress. Got kind of weak cleaning on Sunday and had to stop to remind myself to eat. This may have as much to do with the fact that hubby and I stayed up Saturday night to watch MI3 - too late and I was close to sick most of Sunday.

My mother is visiting for a few days - thus the cleaning frenzy. She arrived at around 8:00 last night and we talked until going on midnight. She is diabetic and took my blood-sugar and it was 7.2. Apparently that's kind of high. My oldest brother is also diabetic and on quite strong meds for it. I think I may wait until I lose some more weight before visiting the doc as he tests me for diabetes and thyroid every year. That tag is just so restrictive in terms of insurance, etc. I just know I feel so much better now than I did a couple of months ago and I'm sure in another 10 lbs I'll feel that much better again. Hopefully I'm catching myself in time.

It's back to work again. It'll be a very busy day, but I had to check in on everyone. I love that Colette is re-motivated and that Steph is going to find some activity suited to herself rather than Trixie. I can't wait to read on their progress. I've been averaging my daily points + 4 weekly points/day. I haven't been giving myself extra AP points for the activity I've put in this week. I feel good that my motivation lasted more than a couple of days, though.

The 9yo is home with Nanny today and just called upset (so that's where my cell phone is) because I have her bathing suite in the car, Nanny is on the phone with a lawyer and she just missed swimming lessons. It's the end of the world! OK, just got off the phone - Nanny is going to take her shopping for a new bathing suite today, so all is right in the world again.

Cheers everyone, and have a great OP day!


Unknown said...

Girl - that stupid strip tease video made me some kind of sore......and I think my husband is permanently scarred....I'm going to have to stick to the easy stuff - there is no room for a pannus in a strip tease - hehe!! Have a great day and hope your visit with your mom is fun!

dizzydazey said...

Big Kudos to you for joining up with the challenge. I know you're going to kick butt and take names! ;)

Colette said...

Thank GOD for Nanny's!! I don't think my kids would be alive today if it wasn't for my mom!! Especially that first one, you know the one you make all the mistakes with!!
Fresh home from the hospital and 4 days old we tried to roast the poor child..had him in socks, a sleeper, a hat, wrapped in a blanket and the heat turned on to 80 degrees!!lol
Every 2 hours he was up (thanks to breastfeeding) and each time his whole side was soaked! We thought the diaper was leaking...LOL..Nope he was SWEATING TO DEATH!!hehe.. Oh well he survived!!

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