Friday, July 27, 2007

Forgive me, I have sinned

I have neglected 'Multi-Vitamin' who only wants what's best for me, I have had unhealthy thoughts towards myself, and, the purpose of this post, I have stolen from my child.
First, I want to relay a perceived NSV on Wednesday when a co-worker was having a birthday party. I was so drawn to the chocolate cake, but heard lots of voices in my head - some yours and some mine. The most predominant one insisted that it was weigh-in night and to forego. I made one fatal mistake and took 2 pieces of cake home to my children.
In all fairness, I did expect that they would eat this cake on Wednesday night, and when I noticed that some was placed back in the fridge I attempted to avoid this issue by asking hubby to put them in containers. Well, Men don't take hints (at least mine doesn't) subtle or direct. The cake remained in the bowl and last night I caved. Instead of throwing it in the garbage I scraped every bit of cake and icing off the bowl. My resolve just isn't there yet - maybe it will never be. I have learned my lesson. Sorry kids, Mommy is a chocolaholic and will not be bringing home cake from work anymore.
The sad part, I began daydreaming of chocolates cakes of yesterdays. The 'death-by-chocolate' with whip-cream icing and 'dragon berries' from 5 years ago. The birthday cakes of last month. And all the ones in between. Sad, Sad, Sad! I was almost angrythat the 'other' daughter had eaten all of hers.
Of course, this whole thing lead to lots of negative self-talk which flowed into my not taking my multi-vitamins. Funny where conversations with ourselves lead.

Cheers all, and have a great weekend.

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Unknown said...

Oh you didn't pick a Barbie so I am dubbing you as Scarlet O'Hara Barbie - of course I am not nearly as savy as the others in being able to post a picture........geez stupid computer and Barbie Brain!!! BTW - Gone With The Wind is my most favorite movie of all time!!! Take the Barbie Oath and be the Scarlet that you were destined for!!!

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