Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Feeling Better

Last night the 10's of minutes slipped past. After supper there was laundry to bring in, a grocery list to prepare and bathing suite to wear. The girls and I went to the pool while hubby went to the grocery with a very specific list. Funny, it was hot and sunny on the deck hauling those clothes in, but it suddenly got cool at the pool. I only went in to my knees and played with the LO.
The 9yo got her mid-term report card for swimming lessons yesterday and hopefully will pass this level as I don't think she'll be able to enroll in another session this summer.
At 9:00 I really should have put the kids to bed, but instead I put Twister DVD on. It's kinda slow (just my speed), but I try to keep moving even during the talking parts. I got through all of the moves at 'Aqua Beach', a couple of which were not intended for an overweight 37 year old woman, but I did them slower and as best I could - I really do need curtains up in the living room. Now I will be able to move onto the Aqua Beach choreographed dances or move onto another segment.
I did around 35 minutes including cool down. I skipped warm-up, but won't do that again. Although it moves into things slowly, you do need the warm up stretches.
OTOH, I skipped stretches this morning. I'm thinking I'll go for a walk at noon as lunch shouldn't take long (frozen, so no prep). Well, a walk, or maybe hitting the mall for a new sweat suite.

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