Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday menu brief

PC Blue Menu (BM) items were the staple of the day.

Breakfast: BM Whole grain muffin and 1C LF Soy drink (5pts)
Snacks: Black bean fudge and coffee w. whole milk (2pts), Baby carrots
Lunch: BM frozen dinner linguine w. shrimp marinara and extra veggies (4pts)
Snack: Apple, Steamed veggies with spray dressing
Supper: Fried with 1tsp oil and some soy sauce: 1/2C Rice, 1 oz pork and extra veggies (4pts)
Dessert: BM Berry cobbler with extra berries, 1C LF Soy drink (6.5pts)
Before bed: Black bean fudge (1pt) - Didn't need this, but ate it anyway. Nice that it's only a point.

Daily points: 23
Weekly points: 2
Day-in-week: 5
Weekly points remaining: 19
Activity: Learned some new dance moves using Twister CD.

For the first time this week I met and exceeded all of my GHG's. Yeah for me.


Melody said...

Thanks for sharing the info. about the challenge. I'm gonna join!

Unknown said...

yahhh go you!!

dizzydazey said...

Yay! It's awesome that you met all of your Good Health goals. It's sooo hard for me to do - I'm impressed!

Keep up the Good Work!

Unknown said...

Hmmmmmm that challenge sounds interesting and fun! I can't wait to see how everyone does...your posts always inspire me to keep striving - thanks!

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