Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good Choices and NSVs!

NSV #1: Made healthy choices while camping. OK, for the 2-day camping trip, I planned the menu, went shopping, packed the right stuff and then lost the menu. But that's OK. We didn't eat as scheduled, I didn't journal as the day progressed, but I had healthy choices. When I wanted to snack, I had apples, carrots and other stuff. When we Barbecued I had my 5pt burger.

We stopped at a friends on the way out and I had a 4pt homemade beer (he's on WW, too) and a 2pt homemade wine. I think I worked some of that off by helping hubby put some plants in the garden (our friend is legally blind and couldn't get them in himself). We kinda skipped lunch so we all got hungry and were starved by the time we hit the camp site. Thank goodness I had cooked a chicken before heading out. I was really hungry in the middle of the night and grabbed the first granola bar I've eaten since starting WW - I figured it was better than being hungry. I also ate half a smore and a couple extra pieces of chocolate - could've gotten out of hand, but didn't.

Sunday went well. I did indulge in some BBQ taters with canned gravy. Everyone really enjoyed my 1pt Brownies (hehe, didn't tell them they were healthy). A lot of people were drinking, but that just made me more determined not to drink as I wanted to keep an eye on the kids. I know I didn't hit all of my GHGs except for water, but I'm not going to focus on that. Tuesday is a new day. I can really feel the affects of my good choices, too. I was able to go to the pool, let the kids play and not get worn out just following the little one around. Also, the mad dash to the outhouse Monday morning with the little one in my arms hurt my bare feet rather than my legs or lungs. All good signs.

NSV #2: OK, so we got home and I tried on, like I've done periodically the past few weeks, a pair of white pants I bought 2 years ago. I couldn't wear them last year and, up to last week couldn't button them up. THEY FIT! They fit again! When I sit the button holes stretch a bit, but that's OK. They button up and they FIT! This makes me soooo happy! I'm gonna wear them to work tomorrow.

Cheers, Candace


Colette said...

Congrats on being able to wear your "new" jeans. Don't you just love it when your old clothes now fit!! Its like finding a gold mine in your closet..wooohooo...

Here's the link for the Edamane

Its delish...you have to try it.

dizzydazey said...

Yay! Congrats!

Sounds like you had a great OP camping trip! It's gotta feel great to be able to fit into your white pants again. Way to Go!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a great weekend full of fun and good food choices! And congrats on fittig into those pants! Things like this are always good motivators :) Happy 4th!

Colette said...

Girl I am glad to know I am not the only one who loves grilled onions! I have never been a fan of raw ones but I can get a whole onion grilled by myself!!!And the season salt gave it the perfect flavor...yummmm. I am making taco's tonight I wonder how those onions would taste on my tacos..LOL I posted a link for the Edamane..I spelled it wrong earlier....err i am retarded at times..LOL

Colette said...

Edamane is mostly found in the frozen food section...good luck

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