Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesday WI #7

Well, It's July 4! Happy Independence Day all my Yankee friends! And Happy Birthday my beautiful daughters! They are now officially 9 and 4.

My goal had been to get to the same weight today as I was 9 years ago today, going into labour. I'm not quite there, but hey, I'm a whole lot closer than I was a couple of months ago. So, here goes (drum role, please), down 2.8! OK, so if we discount last weeks 1.6 gain because I had a big supper before WI, I am still down 1.2 over 2 weeks. I'm not ecstatic, but I am please and realize the reasons it was less than it could have been, 1) in both weeks I did not journal as I went at all times (most, but not all) and played catch-up after the fact - this means I could have forgotten items. 2) eating out and some other items I didn't have points for and guesstimated, like birthday cake. 3) I ate until I was more than full a few times, even though I was within my points. I have to pay attention to my comfort zone regardless of the fact that I'm on points. 4) I began to eyeball some quantities rather than measure. Note to self - you bought the food scale, so use it!

Still I will celebrate this loss and continue to work towards my 175.

Cheers, Candace


Melody said...

I'm new to the blog world and found you through Roni's weight watchen site. Congrats on your weight loss!

Colette said...

Candance... I use to live in rural Pa and it was over an hour to the nearest grocery store. So I kept an ice chest in my car for the frozen stuff like veggies and ice cream and such! Just an idea. One of the ladies at work yesterday said when she buys the edamane it is already shelled. I suppose its done that way so you can cook with it and add it to recipes.

I feel for your poor husband I know cooking for 3 people ALL with special needs is a chore. But the results are DEFINATELY worth it. Have a great 4th girl.

WeightBGone said...

Congrats on being down 2.8lbs thats fantastic!! Keep up the great job. Happy 4th of July to you and Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughters.

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