Sunday, July 22, 2007

Eat Until Stuffed!

OK, I know we're not supposed to do this, and mostly I am pretty good. But, I am not the girl who can bring a box of healthy (or otherwise) treats to work and leave them in her desk, indulging in only 1 a day. So, I packed 2 cups of baby carrots to pick at over the afternoon and ate my lunch. Free or not, I did not need the carrots when I sat down to catch up on the blogs. Now they're gone and I am stuffed. Yes, I recognized at various points of my mindless munching that I did not need anymore, but they are so nice and crunchy and sweet.
I would not do well on Core,
I would not do well on Core,
I would not do well on Core.

The plus - it wasn't chips, chocolates, or Satan's dehydrated veggies (poor Barbie).
OK, now to get off my butt and find something to distract myself.

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Unknown said...

I feel your pain........100 cal packs are no good for me because I eat the whole box. I too can consume a one pound bag of baby carrots or a whole head of cauliflower - I just don't have the switch.....I don't know where to buy it! This is further reason why I don't eat at is just a bad thing for me to leave half the food on my plate, huh, what, why???? Don't sweat it......we are all in this together and just thank god that your carrots weren't dehydrated or dipped in banana pudding!!

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