Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday menu - past and future

OK, let's do this one more time, with feeling:

DAY 2: 23 daily pts, 0 weekly pts ->1weekly pts
Breakfast: 1C Yogurt, 1C Frozen field berries, 3Tbsp Granola, 1Tbsp Wheat Germ - 6pts
Snack: Apple 1pt
Lunch: Frozen PC Blue Menu dinner (Ginger-glazed salmon) with approx. 1.5C extra frozen veggies for bulk - 6pts
Vice: Instant coffee w. 2% milk & nutra sweet 0.5pts (It was raining, so I wasn't walking to the coffee shop)
So far: 9.5 pts remaining
Planned: (- GRRR Hubby called and wants to go for Chinese. I said NO, I have to plan for those things. I told him to take the kids and just go. He thinks he's being supportive by telling everyone how great I'm doing (just shut your f'n mouth up), then does something so thoughtless. Now the kids are all upset 'cause they wanna go for Chinese with Mommy - MEN!!@!) - OK we're going for Chinese on Sat noon

Supper: 2oz pork (5), 1/2C white rice (2), ->3 baby potaoes (1) I need another 3/4C dairy-yogurt or soy drink (1.5), some frozen or fresh veggies with some oil dressing (1) , glass of wine (2)
Activity: I'd like to get out for a walk tonight, weather pending. I don't count these, but am trying to add regular movement into my routine as I sit all day. TOO Tired.
Day-in-week; 2
Weekly Points remaining: 28 ->27

I'd like to get through the rest of the week without using any more weekly points. Phasing out the 2pt coffee cream could help with this, but I know it won't last for long - this is, after all, my vice. I gave coffee up for lent one year - I think cutting 'er down to 1/day is pretty cool. I will try to make it at the office with milk for the 3 days next week, and I never go out for coffee on the weekend - hubby always makes it for me.


Colette said...

Candace...chinese food can be every healthy if you choose wisely. For instance a cup of egg drop soup is 1 pt. 1 cup of chicken and broccoli is 3 pts...1/2 cup of whote rice is 1.5 points...just skip all the fried stuff and get lots of veggies!! I had chinese for lunch...and it was awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Candace, I hear ya on MEN...MY husband was doing a similar thing, threw my whole day off... GRRRR! Hang in least we have each other ((hugs)) :)

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